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Why Electric Cooperatives & Municipal Utilities Are Poised to Lead the DSO Transition

We have heard the calls for advancing community-centric grid operation. And who knows their communities better than co-ops and munis?

Read our whitepaper: The Rise of Local Grid Management

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Camus Energy and VMware

By |Camus|

At Camus Energy, we believe that industry collaboration through open source software will become a key part of the decarbonized grid. We are happy to announce that we have put that philosophy to work in a partnership with VMware.

Kit Carson Electric Cooperative Inc.

By |Camus, Distributed Systems|

One of the privileges of working with great partners like Kit Carson Electric Cooperative Inc. is the opportunity to join their conversation with the local community. We were excited to meet recently with Net Metering Advisory group and Renewable Taos to share our work on understanding and managing the role of local solar generation in KCEC’s grid.

Our Response to COVID-19

By |Announcements, Camus|

Some of us have operational response backgrounds, which is helpful in small ways. We are used to handling crises and feel more in control when we have a plan. We had already sent people home before the shelter in place order came in.

Welcome to the 2020s: A message to the Camus Energy team

By |Camus, Culture|

The role of private sector innovation has never been more important. Dropping costs of renewables are finally beginning to drive a change in new energy investment, but the additional pressure on the current grid is producing negative impacts as well as opportunities. 2019 was the year in which California's biggest utility intentionally cut power to millions of people during a critical fire danger event.