Camus Energy: Open Source, next generation grid management as a service.

Our platform provides industry-leading scalability, reliability, and intelligence to help utilities and energy providers manage the energy transition.

Situational awareness using Ritta™

Integrating high volume, high velocity data from utility and non-utility all available sources provides a robust, multi-dimensional view of what’s happening now, and how it’s changing over time.

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Smart automation leverages Mimo™

As the grid landscape becomes more complex, advanced automation helps operators and planners maintain focus and achieve system level outcomes.

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Smart energy communities with Gem™

Customer-sited resources offer tremendous promise for lowering costs and improving reliability by enabling greater flexibility. But knowing when and where to dispatch distributed resources is a complex challenge.

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Why Companies Choose Camus Energy

Lower Costs

Reduce system peaks, optimize power flows, manage O&M expenses, and enhance planning for equipment upgrades.

Reduce Risks

Greater insight into current and near-future state minimizes outages in an increasingly complex grid.

Accelerate Decarbonization

Track local or regional carbon emission targets.

Manage Complexity

Empower staff with a single interface for analysis, insight, & control.

Protect The Grid

Prevent, detect, and deter nefarious actors from altering operations.

Satisfy Customers

Enable flexible DER policies and innovative programs that provide customers with more clarity and control.

Enable Local DERs

Serve customer and regulator demands for distributed resources by rapidly assessing localized system capacity.

Enhance Flexibility

Monitor and control grid-edge and centralized resources to improve resilience and reduce costs.

Open Source

Eliminate vendor lock-in and collaborate with a single, shared platform.

Why Open Source?

The challenge of transforming our grid landscape is a big one. It requires connecting to every device that’s out there on the current grid – from smart metering systems to smart reclosers to SCADA interfaces – and bringing together data from many sources to create a clear picture of what’s happening. And then, we need to connect the landscape of distributed energy resources, so that they can work together to support the broader grid. 

This is bigger than any one vendor, or any one software platform. Open source software development allows many companies to co-operate, so that each contributes to the broader ecosystem – to everyone’s benefit. We’ve seen the power of open source to transform other industries – from the internet, to the web, to Android and 5G – and we believe that by working together, we can create a next-generation grid which unlocks the smart, decentralized energy ecosystem of the future.

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Shaping the Future of Energy

The team that scaled Google tackles the transition to zero carbon.

Join us as we work to preserve the world for future generations by enabling the transition to zero carbon.

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