Grid Management Software as a Service

Through our open source software platform, Camus Energy empowers utilities and energy providers to address the challenges of today while laying the foundation for tomorrow.

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Manage Costs and Tame Complexity

Manage Costs

Reduce peak demand, harness flexible load and supply, improve operational efficiency, and advance strategic investments with real-time monitoring and control.


Achieve decarbonization goals with local generation and load flexibility, using tools designed to manage uncertainty and intermittent generation.

Increase Resilience

Diagnose operational risks, understand outage impacts, improve safety and transparency, and prioritize resilience investments with real-time visibility and near-term forecasting.

Position for a Community-Centric DSO Future

We support local grid management: balancing traditional reliance on the bulk power system with greater use of local energy procurement.

This approach, led by Distribution System Operators (DSOs), accelerates the transition to advanced grids with robust community participation and local markets.

Modern software tools and state-of-the-art integration enable continuous monitoring of grid state, detecting faults in real-time, and acting quickly to bolster reliability, power quality, and customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

Unlocking Local Grid Management

With Grid Management Software as a Service (GMaaS), utilities and electricity providers subscribe to reliable, secure, cloud-based software to better equip their teams.

This platform provides advanced insight, control, and foundational DSO capabilities, supported by a diverse ecosystem of developers and integration partners.

Build Next-Generation Capabilities, Today

Situational Awareness

Understand what’s happening on both sides of the meter with  insights from new & existing data.


Control resources of all types from a unified platform to achieve system-level goals.

Local Markets

Manage distribution-level markets for energy and grid support while integrating with bulk (ISO & RTO) markets

Camus Grid Management Platform

A lightweight Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) for the future Distribution System Operator (DSO)

Open Source
Modify tools to fit your needs, collaborating with an ecosystem of partners

Work with the data you have, across multiple sources and resource types

Reliable at Any Scale
Scale from 5 to 5 million devices with proven technology

Rely on world-class protection with a zero-trust cybersecurity approach

How it Works
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We Empower Utilities and Energy Providers

Electric Cooperatives

& Municipal Utilities

  • Support Local Renewables
  • Manage Peak Demand
  • Evaluate Change in Context
  • Bolster Grid Reliability

Community Choice


  • Accelerate Decarbonization
  • Manage Cost and Equity
  • Increase Local Resilience
  • Enable Supply Coordination

Resource Owners

& Virtual Grids

  • Coordinate Portfolio Dispatch
  • View Real-Time Performance
  • Forecast Local Generation
  • Participate in Local Markets

Software Experts for a Distributed Grid

The transition to zero carbon electricity relies on robust distributed systems. Our team at Camus Energy leverages decades of experience building distributed systems at leading technology companies including Google, Android, Uber, and SpaceX.

We are experts in:

  • Constructing massive-scale telemetry for billions of endpoints
  • Managing intermittent connections, such as Uber drivers in a tunnel, where a single data source may not be trustworthy
  • Designing hierarchical control models to provide reliable service from millions of components
  • Leading zero trust cybersecurity design and implementation for a $100 billion business  

We bring expertise in building some of the world’s biggest systems to one of the world’s biggest problems – decarbonizing the grid. 

Our Team
Our Mission

The Grid Connects Us

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Camus Energy can support your team.

We want to hear from you! Whether you’re a potential user with questions about our grid management platform or a future collaborator looking to get in touch, we’re here to help.

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