Join our member webinar Wednesday, December 16 when Camus Energy and Kit Carson Electric Cooperative (KCEC) discuss the Rise of Local Grid Management with a focus on how KCEC lowered energy costs while increasing renewable energy penetration on their local grid.
Here’s what the webinar will cover:

  • New challenges for an old grid, including renewable penetration, EV adoption, cyber threats, and electrification
  • Kit Carson’s success lowering energy costs and increasing renewable penetration through local grid management
  • How open-source software can provide grid visibility, forecasting, and market-based orchestration to better inform your utility
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Get Involved

If you are interested in collaborating with us on platform development or device support, please reach out! We are excited to gather a community of collaborators to advance this technology in the open, and ultimately support a much richer ecosystem of grid-integrated zero-carbon energy resources.