Flexibility Through Local Resources

A community Distribution System Operator (DSO) optimizes bulk and local supply, considering cost, resilience, and community needs. Every resource, from a gas turbine to a water pump, helps balance the grid.

Expand your options with grid-aware flexibility from your community.

Change The Equation On Tradeoffs

Lower Costs

Decrease reliance on costly bulk generation or wheeling charges by utilizing local resources


Enable greater use of local zero carbon generation without impacting reliability

Greater Resilience and Reliability

Mitigate outages more effectively with local generation and load flexibility

Economic Development

Offer opportunities for community resources to participate in bulk markets, raising revenues

Different Solutions for Different Communities

At Camus Energy, we support multiple models for the DSO of the future with a single, flexible platform.

Whether a utility, an energy provider or an independent entity, we help future DSOs manage:

  • System and real-time network operations
  • Forecasting, procurement, and scheduling coordination
  • Management of local markets and bulk market integration

Tame Complexity With Software

To support increased reliance on local resources, grid operators need greater visibility, forecasting, and control.

Managing that complexity is made possible through the same tool that brought us orbiting satellites, rideshares and even on demand cat videos with high reliability: distributed systems software.

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DSO Control Spectrum

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