Community Choice Aggregators

Local insight and control for your community

Accelerate Decarbonization
Manage Cost and Equity
Increase Local Resilience
Enable Supply Coordination

Accelerate Decarbonization

Strengthen decarbonization initiatives by assessing performance and sharing progress with the community

Assess Carbon Baseline
Integrate data for utility-scale generation, distributed generation, and customer load to identify carbon footprint

Evaluate Progress
Track custom metrics, such as emissions in disadvantaged communities, to identify top-performing programs

Inform Community Members
Provide an open-access dashboard with real-time and historical data comparing carbon emissions with goals

Manage Cost and Equity

Lower costs and improve equity by assessing investments and programs

Compare with utility supply
Assess cost for customers relative to alternative supply options

Prioritize investments
Forecast bill impacts of new programs across customer segments to support improved equity and access

Share with customers
Provide community with forecasted impacts of new programs

Increase Local Resilience

Improve community resilience during disasters with targeted investments

Better understand outage impacts
Forecast effects on at-risk customers by connecting billing and third-party data with outage simulations

Increase transparency
Provide community with access to detailed, real-time information during outages

Focus investments
Identify select, high-impact investments to serve critical facilities and vulnerable customers

Enable Supply Coordination

Expand power procurement to include purchasing via wholesale markets by serving as own supply coordinator

Identify near-term needs
Forecast local demand and renewable generation — both distributed and utility-scale — to identify shortfalls

Integrate with wholesale markets
Enable procurement of energy or capacity in day-ahead and real-time markets

Inform supply strategy
Identify optimal procurement strategies by incorporating forecasts for demand, generation, and market prices

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