Electric Cooperatives and Municipal Utilities

Local grid management for your community

Support Local Renewables
Manage Peakload
Evaluate Change In Context
Boost Grid Reliability

Support Local Renewables

Increase local renewable supply to lower energy costs, decarbonize, improve community engagement, and increase grid resilience.

Better decisions, faster
Monitor grid state in real-time to inform operational decision-making

Avoid surprises
Proactively address forecasted generation shortfalls with demand flexibility or procurement from wholesale markets or G&Ts

More tools to problem solve
Orchestrate DERs and utility-owned equipment to provide load shifting and reactive power support

Kit Carson Case Study

Manage Peak Load

Reduce energy costs through local resource flexibility

Forecast the coincident peak
Inform operations and program design by forecasting local demand, distributed generation, and resource behavior

Take choreographed action
Coordinate dispatch of a variety of DER types, including batteries, EV chargers, and large-scale loads like water pumps

Support a range of DER vendors
Use fast, affordable, and reliable integration to provide residents and businesses with access to a variety of DER vendors

Introduce flexibility markets
Reward DER owners for targeted load shifting in near real-time

Evaluate Change in Context

Equip your team to better manage change with a unified view of your entire distribution system

Single source of truth
Monitor distributed resources alongside utility-owned assets, enabling better cross-team decision-making

Data from anywhere
Improve situational awareness with flexible of data from internal systems and external feeds

Tame complexity
Simplify operational decisions with integrated real-time analysis and near-term forecasting

Boost Grid Reliability

Improve reliability and power quality by orchestrating DERs to provide load shifting and reactive power support

Diagnose issues in real-time
Identify causes of problems — on both sides of the meter — with a unified view of all grid-connected resources

Mitigate deviations autonomously
Dispatch utility-owned and member-owned resources to provide grid support in seconds to minutes

Build your own tools
Address unique challenges with custom tools integrated into a common, open source platform

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