Camus Energy was founded in 2019 in the San Francisco Bay Area. We have deep experience designing and operating distributed systems, and a passion for combating climate change. Our mascot is the capybara, and our official utensil is the spork.

Astrid Atkinson

Astrid is an experienced exec with a track record of leading multidisciplinary teams to solve the hardest problems. In 14.5 years at Google, she led engineering and operations teams in pioneering work on building distributed software systems at unprecedented scale, including leading the team which built Google’s global webserving layer, and building development frameworks to help all teams at Google operate reliably at global scale.

Astrid is also a car enthusiast, who likes building and racing junk cars. She has a stable of gently rusting Iacocca-era Chryslers, which experience somewhat less than five-nines of reliability.

Cody Smith

Cody is a builder, fixer, and leader specializing in large computing applications, particularly in areas of reliability, efficiency, and monitoring. He is a veteran of Google's first Site Reliability Engineering team, doing everything from infrastructure software development, to pager duty, to system architecture, to strategy, to organizational leadership. His favorite project ever was Google's network load balancer, Maglev, and most exciting was the rescue of

As a borderline zealot for fitness and enthusiastic patron of the arts, his idea of a great day is setting a personal record on the Black Rock City 50k. And being able to walk afterwards.

Michael Ryan

Michael is a hands-on executive, team builder, business operator and global program leader specializing in delivering complex , high value B2B data management solutions. He’s built and operated large scale data integrations and commerce platforms for NetApp, BD Bioscience, Wellpoint and GE Power -- managing billions of dollars of leads, orders, logistics and manufacturing, working with large, global and cross-organizational teams.

Michael’s personal mission is to create a life of adventure and joy for himself, his family and his friends. Not quite as active as Cody, his idea for a great day is hiking in the Peninsula Open Space, or a long bike ride, and then heading out to live music or theater.