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Grid Management Software
for a Zero-Carbon Grid

Camus provides utilities and energy providers with tools to
safely monitor and manage a changing grid.

At Camus

Our Utilities & Energy Providers

Save Money

Better utilize low-cost generation and reduce demand charges with real-time monitoring and control.

Reduce CO2 Emissions

Integrate local renewable resources and lower carbon emissions with tools to balance local supply and demand.

Transform for the future

Lay the foundation for local markets and enhanced DSO capabilities with software that grows to fit your needs.

Learn how Kit Carson Electric Cooperative is saving $10 million with local renewables and Camus Energy

Case Study

Grid Management Platform

Our platform provides an integrative view of the local power system and advanced tools for real-time monitoring and control.

How It Works

The Camus Difference

We use distributed computing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to help grid operators manage a rapidly changing environment.

Our team leverages decades of experience building distributed systems at leading technology companies, including Google, Android, Uber, and SpaceX.

Our Technology

Adapt For A Changing Grid

Subscribe to reliable, secure, cloud-based tools that evolve to meet new challenges.

Capture the proven benefits of modern software development with Grid Management as a Service.

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Empower Your Team

Co-ops & Munis

Whether saving money for your members, reducing carbon emissions, or both at once – we can help.

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Community Choice Aggregators

Achieving cost, equity, carbon, and resilience goals is a tough task, but our visibility and control tools get it done.

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Resource Managers

Looking to optimize a portfolio of resources? Our visibility and local markets tools help you earn more.

Coming Soon

The Future is Local Grid Management

We believe local energy resources will support a cleaner, more affordable, and more resilient grid, led by Distribution System Operators (DSOs).

Modern software tools make this future possible.

Our Vision

Software Experts for a Distributed Grid

We bring expertise in building some of the world’s biggest systems to one of the world’s biggest problems – decarbonizing the grid.

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