The Rise of Local Grid Management

Why Electric Cooperatives & Municipal Utilities Are Poised to Lead the DSO Transition

To the leaders of electric cooperatives and municipal utilities,

The future of the grid is in your hands. While many might suggest that large, investor-owned utilities are destined to lead the energy transition, we believe differently. 

At Camus Energy, we have heard the calls for community-centric grid operation. We know that the best version of the grid is one that leverages both local and bulk resources to meet community needs. You may not have heard of us before, but we’ve been busy taking the best of what we learned while scaling Google’s distributed systems and using it to bring better software to the nation’s public power utilities.  

We use a modern, flexible, and forward-looking approach to software development to create tools that help you lead the energy transition. We’d like to share that approach with you: 
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