Introducing Grid Management Software as a Service

Today an alphabet soup of acronyms (MDMS, OMS, GIS, ADMS, DERMS, and many more) supports grid operations and system planning. Siloed and built for one-way power flows, these proprietary tools cost millions and will fail to meet the needs of an evolving grid.

A changing grid needs a new approach to grid management software.

The Future of Grid Management Software

With Grid Management Software as a Service (GMaaS), utilities subscribe to reliable, secure, cloud-based tools hosted by a third-party.

Instead of tools built for yesterday’s needs, GMaaS empowers utilities and energy providers with tools that evolve to tackle new and emerging challenges.

Apply the proven advantages of software as a service (SaaS) to managing the grid with Grid Management Software as a Service (GMaaS).

Why Software as a Service (SaaS)?

Lower the risk of adopting new tools

Save thousands or millions of dollars by avoiding being stuck with software that fails to meet your needs. Quickly deploy new tools and subscribe to those that empower your team.

Solve problems as they evolve

With a cloud-based solution, you always have the latest capabilities. No one-off software updates — instead a steady stream of features and integrations to help you tackle challenges as they evolve.

Future proof your software
Whether improving visibility of distributed generation or adding direct control of DERs for a pilot project, you can start small and add capabilities when and where you need them.

Flexible Subscriptions for Grids of All Sizes

With our subscription model, you pay a setup fee followed by a monthly service fee for access and support.

Start with the capabilities you need today

Subscribe to one or more of our three products, focused on visibility, orchestration, and market integration.

Add features as your challenges evolve

Add or remove entire products or specific features with the click of a button. Or develop your own.

Discover how GMaaS can empower your team:

Co-ops & Munis
Community Choice Aggregators
Resource Managers

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